Dave & Wendy Castine

Yup! I have always been a car guy!

 Since 1982 I've been married to my lovely wife Wendy. Over the last 36 years she has also gained a respect for classic cars and their owners.

(Thanks Dee! Believe me she puts up with a lot!)

Since 1999 I have been buying, selling, restoring, and consigning classic cars.

I AM NOT A DEALER, but I am EXTREMELY passionate about the cars I buy and/or represent - it's kind'a like breeding purebred dogs, they must go to good homes, right? My interests lie anywhere from early 30's street rods to 60's, 70's, and newer Musclecars and Corvettes. 

We maintain close connections with our "inner circle" - a group of very discerning collectors who are always looking for very specific classic cars. 

Yours could be one of those cars.

What's in your garage?

Contact us if you're looking to buy, sell or consign a classic car!