1967 Abercrombie Runabout - 1931 Ford Phaeton / Glassic Replicar

1967 Abercrombie Runabout - 1931 Ford Phaeton / Glassic Replicar


1967 Abercrombie and Fitch Glassic Runabout - Rare Vintage Great Condition!! Very rare and hard to find automobile. Only a handful made for the Abercrombie and Fitch Christmas Catalog in 1967. This is a nice piece of history to own! Condition overall is very presentable and she has the awards to prove it. Nice original interior & exterior. She runs and drives fine with new tires - she'll do 70 mph all day long. Only showing 926 original miles! Two different sound horns installed. One classic (ooOO-gah) one modern (honk). Original steering wheel has been replaced with a wood grain. The original cloth top and windows are is in decent shape, although they are getting old. Paint is typical for a 50 yr old car, but again is presentable. Again all of this is very minor, overall this car is in really nice condition. Normal wear in the seats. 

Approximately 1600 fiberglass-bodied replicas of 1931 Model A Fords were made by the Glassic Company in West Palm Beach Florida. They were manufactured between about 1966 and 1981. In the early years they used the very dependable International Scout four-cylinder engines, transmissions, and rear ends. The entire running gear is from International. Most of the cars were Phaeton body style but there were some Roadsters and only three pickup trucks built. The company changed their name to Replicars in 1975, so later models used that name although the name "Glassic" is used as a generic term for both name plates. 

Glassic built about 20 to 30 cars for Abercrombie & Fitch to sell primarily through their Christmas catalog under a promotion of "for the man who had everything". Most of them were sold through West Palm Beach and Miami. and the cars were "charged" to a particular store. This was not great for the store's profit page since cars usually had a much smaller markup than other high priced items. The cars sold by Abercrombie were essentially the same as regular Glassics, except that they had a custom made medallion in the front that said "Abercrombie Runabout" - the word Glassic did not appear anywhere on the car except for the VIN tag". 

Very nice piece of history!! Email or call me with any questions, thanks for looking!

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